Using Tablets with Cricut Design Space: Features and Compatibility -: Complete Guide

Are you looking to unleash the full power of your Cricut Design Space on an easy-to-handle tablet?

The iPad and Android tablets are a great companion for crafting, creative projects and much more with Cricut Design Space. Discover how tablets can benefit your crafting and explore the features, compatibility and instructions for using Cricut Design Space with them.

It is no secret that Cricut Design Space and tablets are an unbeatable combination. Tablets open up a new realm of possibilities and make the design experience even more enjoyable. Not only can you use your existing Design Space projects, but you can also create new ones on the go. With their low cost and portability, tablets have quickly become one of the most popular devices for creating with Design Space.

The following guide will cover the features available on tablets as well as what devices are compatible with Design Space. It will provide answers to any issues you may be having, while helping to ensure you make the most of your experience. Read on to find out why tablets are essential for using Design Space, which companion app best suits your needs, and how you can connect a tablet to your Cricut machine in no time at all.

Explanation of Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space is a computer design and editing software used in conjunction with Cricut products to create crafts, decorations, and other projects for personal use. It is designed for both beginners and experts alike and has many features to customize designs from pre-made templates or any user-generated content. The software is available for both desktop and mobile device users, making it easy to access at home on Mac or PC, or virtually anywhere with devices such as tablets.

With Cricut Design Space users can select from thousands of images, fonts, ready-to-make projects, or upload their own creations simply by dragging an image onto the canvas. Advanced features like multi-layer text editing, adjustable shadows/highlights and dozens of themed shapes provide professional results even to novice users. Layering options using different shapes and materials in combination allow the creative possibilities literally endless!

With some compatible Cricut products you can even cut out entire pictures directly from the software’s interface — just print it out onto cardstock paper or patterned vinyl material and voila! You’ve created something unique.

Overview of tablet usage with Cricut Design Space

Using a tablet can provide great convenience when using Cricut Design Space. Not only are tablets typically lightweightand easy to handle with one hand, most enjoy the larger screen over smartphones that provide a higher resolution. Additionally, tablets can be paired with a bluetooth keyboard or mouse for better ergonomic use.

Tablets give you access to all the same features as Cricut Design Space on desktop computers. You can create projects and access thousands of images and fonts from the Image Library and Fonts tab. The only difference is that you won’t be able to use offline files stored on your device, as these can only be used from within the Design Space web app or desktop app version. However, anytime you make changes on your device they will automatically sync up with your account and other devices.

You also have the ability to connect Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and styluses directly to your tablet so it will double as an extended workspace if needed!

Features of Cricut Design Space on Tablets

When it comes to digital craft projects, Cricut Design Space is one of the most popular digital design platforms. With the recently-introduced support for tablets, users are now able to design even more conveniently than before. In this section, we’ll explore the features available in both Android and iOS editions of Cricut Design Space on tablets, as well as its compatibility with various devices.

Android Tablets: Cricut Design Space for Android tablets gives users all of the features of web-based version optimized for handheld use. This includes advanced text editing, instant preview updates while editing shapes, SVG import/export and 3D object manipulation tools. Additionally, this version also supports using styluses or other pointing and drawing devices to create intricate designs with precision not yet possible on desktop computers.

iOS Tablets: The iOS version of Cricut Design Space brings many similar features found in its Android counterpart. Unlike the Android version though, it does not support third-party drawing devices such as styluses – instead relying entirely on finger controls for all aspects of user interaction. Other notable differences include limited SVG import/export modes compared to the desktop versions and a slightly simplified editing panel due to small screen space requirements on tablets versus desktops.

Compatibility: For both operating systems (Android & iOS), Cricut Design Space is supported by a variety of popular tablet models from Apple (iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 & 5) and Google (Pixel Slate). It is also compatible with hybrid laptops running either Windows or Mac OS X operating systems provided they have touchscreen capabilities enabled.

Basic Design Features

Tablets provide a great platform for Cricut Design Space, since they can be used both with a wireless connection and on the go with no physical cords or printers necessary. Tablets equipped with the Android OS offer access to a variety of features in Cricut Design Space that let you create projects quickly and neatly. Some features include:

-Simple basic shapes: A variety of squares, circles and other simple shapes can be created and manipulated into 3D shapes on your tablet screen. Your tablet touch screen makes manipulating the size and shape of these objects easy.

-Stenciling tool: Cricut Design Space lets you draw intricate stencils on your tablet quickly and easily thanks to its intuitive interface. The stenciling tool is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it perfect for personalized crafting projects that require precise details.

-Text manipulation: Using your tablet’s touch screen, you can quickly select individual characters from words or phrases to adjust size, style or font typeface as needed. The text manipulation feature also enables you to adjust kerning, leading or word spacing within a section of text without having to enter each character separately.

Advanced Design Features

Tablets offer powerful options and unique features you won’t find on other Cricut Design Space enabled devices. Here are some of the advanced design features that can enhance your crafting experience:

Cricut QuickSwap Tool: Allows users to quickly switch out various sizes and shapes of blades, pens, or other tools. Cuts faster than a traditional blade or pen, creating thinner lines and sharper details. Built-in sensors provide feedback for enhanced accuracy and less waste.

Precise Image Tracing: Trace your images with precision with adjustable sensitivity settings for optimal results. Layers Peek feature allows you to view the details of each layer as you trace, giving you more control over how your design will look in the end.

Multi-media Design Support: Use photos, vector files and images directly from your tablet’s memory while combining them with text elements to create one-of-a-kind designs perfectly tailored to your project’s theme or style.

Textured Textures: Provides a selection of six unique textures for transforming text elements into stunning 3D effects that add depth and dimension to your project pieces. Choose from smooth gradients, sanded effects, laser engraved designs, shiny light reflections and more!

Texture Builder Feature: Combine colors and shapes together in real time to create eye catching patterns for adds dimension to cards, fabric projects or home decor items. The intuitive user interface makes it easy even for beginners!

Interactive Design Features

Now that you know a bit more about the compatibility of your tablet with Cricut Design Space, let’s take a look at some of the interactive features the program offers. Cricut Design Space was designed to make working with tablets easier and more straightforward for everyone. Some of the features include:

– Design Selector: This allows you to search for and select pre-made designs from our extensive library of shapes and graphics. You can also save your own designs for quick access later on.

– Live Previews: You can preview how cuts and projects will look before actually creasing. This helps you be certain of how things will turn out before investing the time or materials in them!

– Layouts and Multiple Projects on One Page: Add multiple projects onto one page so that you can create multi-layered designs in one go – saving both time and materials!

– Cropping Images: Grab elements from other images or projects and bring them into your design space to create unique new combinations!

+ Online Image Library Integration: Find images online, sync them with your device, then add them directly into your design space.

Overall User Interface

Tablets provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface for using Design Space. Many tablets feature interactive multi-touch displays that make it easier to draw and design things, as well as manipulate images or text. Tablets also tend to have larger displays than phones and can display more information without having to scroll up or down or even across the page. On some tablets, you can even split the screen in two by dragging your finger across the display – this is especially useful if you need to work on two separate projects at the same time.

Tablets with the Design Space app installed can also access a variety of cloud-based services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and much more. This allows users to manage their projects from multiple devices and share them with friends and family from anywhere in the world. Some tablets also offer access to a library of fonts specifically designed for use with Design Space in order to easily create visually appealing designs quickly and efficiently.

Overall, using a tablet offers a much more interactive experience when using Cricut Design Space – it provides users with greater accuracy when designing projects, as well as increased control over every aspect of their project(s).

 Compatibility of Cricut Design Space with Tablets

Cricut Design Space is compatible with many tablets, making it easier to take your crafting anywhere. A supported tablet will enable more efficient operation of the design space program and search tools and also reduce limitations to creative work. Below are examples of tablets that are most commonly used with Cricut Design Space.

Apple iPad: The Apple iPad is compatible with Cricut Design Space and has a strong feature set for professional users and hobbyists alike. The tablet features iOS 9 or later and runs a range of applications available on App Store. It features the Retina display with up to 9x faster performance than its predecessor, plus advanced graphics capabilities powered by an A9 chip or higher. Touch ID provides secure access to online applications faster – as easy as unlocking your device.

Android Tablets: Android tablets, including Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Nexus 9, or Nexus 6 compatible with Cricut Design Space providing users the ability to be productive wherever they go. These Android tablets provide multitasking capabilities while running web apps in chrome-like environment, plus access to popular applications from Google Play including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides – perfect for document-heavy workflows. Tablets powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor makes desktop apps run faster than ever on a tablet; plus it keeps power consumption low when running multiple tasks simultaneously so you have more battery life on hand when needed for long durations of time working in Cricut design space.

iOS Compatibility

The Cricut Design Space app is compatible with iOS devices which are running system versions of iOS 13 or later. Compatible devices include the iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Mini for generations 3 and later. iPhone users must have an iPhone 5S or later running iOS 13 or newer to use the Cricut Design Space app.

For optimal performance, it’s best to pair the mobile device to a Bluetooth-enabled Cricut Explore machine or Cricut Maker 4 in 1 cutting machine. If using a different cutting machine, then direct pairing from within the app will be given the option.

Other features available within the app include being able to save projects created on a desktop computer and access them on a mobile device; managing fonts and images within one’s library; controlling cut settings such as pressure, speed, etc.; creating images; selecting materials; etc. It is also possible search for specific designs via keywords or browse through new designs in their design space library.

Android Compatibility

Android tablets provide a powerful platform for creative expression and design. The Android operating system is reliable, intuitive, and constantly updated with new features. Therefore, you can count on your tablet to be compatible with Cricut Design Space’s features and capabilities.

Cricut Design Space offers full support for Android devices running Android versions 4.4 or higher, the Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore cutting machines, and compatible wireless systems such as Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®. As long as your device meets these requirements, it will be fully optimized to work with Cricut Design Space and other compatible software.

In addition to its technical compatibility with select Android devices, Cricut Design Space also offers users access to exclusive in-app benefits designed specifically for Android device users. Some of these perks include expanded toolsets like advanced vector editing and free purchases of select image libraries or fonts through the app itself. With the help of a few taps on your mobile device’s display, you can instantly start bringing your creative ideas to life!

Browser Compatibility

Cricut Design Space is compatible with most modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox for both PC and Mac. However, it’s important to note that the most recent version of each browser should be used – older versions may not support all of the features available in Design Space. Additionally, users must enable cookies and JavaScript in their browser settings in order to design projects, as they are essential for a successful session. If you’re having trouble logging on or accessing Design Space, double-check that these two options are enabled.

It is also worth noting that tablet devices such as iPads or Android tablets are not supported by Cricut Design Space at this time; the computer software can only be accessed via a desktop or laptop computer through one of the supported web browsers listed above. Therefore if you wish to take advantage of all features available when using Cricut Design Space it is recommended to use a laptop or desktop computer with updated software installed when designing your project.

Device Requirements

The Cricut Design Space app requires certain capabilities in order to run properly. To make sure that your device is compatible with the app and you can enjoy a smooth crafting experience, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements:

Operating System:
-Android 6.0 or higher
-iOS 11.3 or higher
-Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809 or higher (32-bit and 64-bit)

-Dual Core processor at 1 GHz with 1 GB RAM
-Atom Quad Core Processor at 1.59 GHz with 2GB RAM for Windows Tablets & Laptop Computers

Minimum 7’’ (178 mm) Diagonal display. Recommended resolution 1024 X 600 pixel or greater for Android and iOS devices. For Windows tablets, the resolution should be 1920 x 1080 pixel or greater.

Connectivity: Wi-FI 802.11 b/g/n connection is required for using your Cricut device with the Design Space app. Your device needs to have a working internet connection as it is important to keep the Design Space and firmware updates up to date for optimal performance. For Bluetooth enabled products such as Cricut Joy, you will need Classic Bluetooth v4 or higher support in addition to Wi Fi connectivity on your device.


Now that you have a better understanding of what types of devices are compatible with Cricut Design Space, you can choose the right device for your crafting needs. Using tablets allows you to design, cut and assemble your projects quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. Whether you prefer iOS or Android, there is an app available that works with your device.

Keep in mind that not all devices are compatible with Cricut Design Space, so be sure to check the compatibility list before purchasing any hardware. For the utmost precision and ease-of-use in cutting projects with complex designs, it’s hard to beat the convenience of using a tablet for working through projects in Cricut Design Space.


What devices are compatible with Cricut Design Space?

 Cricut Design Space is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Can I use Cricut Design Space on Android tablet?

 Yes, Cricut Design Space can be used on Android tablets.

Can you run Cricut Design space on a tablet?

 Yes, Cricut Design Space can be run on certain tablets, including iPads and Android tablets.

Can you do Cricut design space on a tablet?

 Yes, Cricut Design Space can be used on certain tablets, including iPads and Android tablets.

Is a Cricut better on laptop or tablet? 

A laptop may provide a better user experience when using Cricut Design Space due to its larger screen and more powerful hardware.

Can you use Cricut design space without a computer?

 No, a computer or mobile device is required to use Cricut Design Space.

Is Lenovo compatible with Cricut?

 Yes, Lenovo computers that meet the system requirements for Cricut Design Space are compatible.

How much RAM do you need for Cricut design space?

 The recommended amount of RAM for Cricut Design Space is 4GB or higher.

What kind of laptop do I need for Cricut Design space?

 A laptop with at least 4GB of RAM and a relatively modern processor should be sufficient for using Cricut Design Space.

What is the cheapest laptop to use with a Cricut?

 There are several affordable laptops that can be used with Cricut Design Space, including some Chromebooks and Windows laptops priced around $300 or less.

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