Best tablet for emulation 2023

Searching for the top tablet to play retro & modern console games? Want a device that offers a fantastic gaming experience without costing a lot? You’re in luck! Our complete buying guide will help you find your perfect tablet. Learn about the choices available and what is essential for an emulation device.

Best tablet for emulation 2023

  1. SAMSUNG Galaxy A8 10 Tablet (Editor’s Pick)
  2. SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 Tablet (Best Overall)
  3. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus Tablet (Budget Friendly)
  4. Dragon Touch Android Tablet
  5. CWOWDEFU Tablet
  6. YosaToo Tablet 
  7. Fusion5  Tablet

1) SAMSUNG Galaxy A8 10 Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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Tablets with 2 GB RAM can multitask and run apps quickly. This feature speeds app switching.

Kid-Safe Design

Contixo V10 tablets are inexpensive and safe. Its design keeps kids and adults safe.

Kids’ Specific

The Contixo V10 tablet is powerful and affordable for youngsters. Its 7-inch screen and 1024×600 pixel resolution make this tablet excellent for online learning.

Excellent Educational Apps and Games

Tablets with 1.5 GHz processors and 2 GB RAM can run educational software and games. The Contixo V10 tablet offers interactive learning modules and educational games without lag.

Material Storage

Kids may store schoolwork, notes, and other educational content on the Contixo V10 tablet’s 16 GB. This storage capacity allows kids access school materials anywhere.

Better Graphics

The tablet’s Allwinner TMA7CPU Cortex-A100 graphics coprocessor enhances video and graphics. The Contixo V10 tablet displays instructional videos and interactive graphics nicely.

Durable and Kid-Friendly

The Contixo V10 tablet is ergonomic for kids. Children can abuse the tablet’s strong build.

Relaxing Parental Control

Parental controls are straightforward on the Contixo V10 tablet. These tools allow parents monitor their kids’ digital activity.

Google Services

The Contixo V10 tablet has educational resources and interactive learning programmes from Google. Access a wide range of kid-friendly educational apps online.

In conclusion

The Contixo V10 is an inexpensive, feature-rich tablet. For precise navigation, excellent educational performance, and kid-friendly design, its stylus blends ease and value. Kids’ education and low-cost tablets benefit from the Contixo V10 tablet.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 First Hand Review

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  1. A Screen Everyone Will Love with its 10.5 inch standing display screen size and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels 
  2. Power and Storage for All with its 32 GB hard drive and 3 GB of installed RAM 
  3. Charge Fast Power for Hours as the tablet boasts a powerful battery that lasts for hours and charges quickly 
  4. Galaxy Ecosystem Experience allows users to seamlessly integrate the device with other Samsung products and services,  
  5. Easiest Transfer Ever with an integrated card description and one USB 2.0 port 



Series Galaxy Tab A8
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 10.5 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1200 Pixels

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2) SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet: Style and Function

Portable, Lightweight

Galaxy A7 tablets are beautiful and useful. This elegant, small tablet is portable. Its 8.7-inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1340 x 800 pixels is ideal for movies and web browsing.

Advanced multitasking

Android 11. This tablet’s 3GB RAM and 2nd-generation MediaTek CPU simplify multitasking. Galaxy A7 app-switching and navigation set tablet norms. Built-in microphones improve video conferences.

Durable battery

Galaxy A7 tablets are sturdy and elegant. It’s drop- and scratch-resistant. All-day battery life. Commute, travel, and relax with the Galaxy A7.

USB Flexibility, Seamless Connectivity

Today’s fast-paced atmosphere supports the Galaxy A7’s connectivity. Bluetooth and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wifi simplify pairing. Download files to your PC or sync your tablet with Bluetooth headphones with the Galaxy A7. For productivity, the tablet’s USB 2.0 connector connects keyboards and mice.

Samsung’s Galaxy A7 Tablet is innovative and user-friendly. This tablet’s gorgeous design, outstanding performance, and seamless connectivity raise portable electronics standards. The Galaxy A7 improves digital life for techies, entertainment fans, and busy professionals. Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet—the future!

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite First Hand Review

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  1. The Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet has a light and portable design, making it easy to carry around.
  2. The tablet has lasting protection, ensuring that it can withstand accidental falls and scratches.
  3. With faster performance, the tablet is perfect for multitasking and running multiple applications at once.
  4. The tablet has a long-lasting battery life, making it perfect for use on the go.
  5. The tablet provides a multi-device experience, making it easy to connect and use with other devices.



Series Tab A7 Lite
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 8.7 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1340 x 800 Pixels

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3) Lenovo Tab P11 Plus Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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Lenovo Tab P11 Plus uses Helio G90T octa-core processor. This powerful CPU performs quickly and responsively for gamers and professionals with demanding tasks. This fast tablet eliminates delays.

Unlimited Memory

4GB memory lets the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus multitask and run several apps. This tablet is trustworthy for multitasking and resource-intensive apps. Switch apps to work faster.

Flexible Capacity

The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus provides 128GB of storage for your favourite apps, important data, and media. Add storage with the tablet’s microSD card slot.

Techies prioritise battery life. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus lasts a day. No power outages. This tablet keeps you connected and engaged during your busy day.

Eye Candy

The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus’s 11-inch screen can display 2000 x 1200. Enrich your multimedia experience with stunning photographs. Enjoy your beloved movies, games, and content like never before.

Smoother Android 11

Android 11, the latest OS, simplifies the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus. Easy menu navigation, app access, and greater security provide peace of mind.

Lenovo: Top Tech

Lenovo leads global technology. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus continues innovation. Lenovo exceeds user expectations.

Finally, the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus has the finest performance, storage, battery life, and multimedia. For computer enthusiasts, professionals, and anybody trying to improve their digital lives, it is unrivalled. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus unleashes endless possibilities.

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Lenovo Tab P11 Plus (1st Gen) First Hand Review

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  1. With a large 11-inch screen size and 2000 x 1200 maximum display resolution 
  2. The tablet boasts an impressive memory storage capacity of 128 GB and 4 GB of RAM 
  3. The tablet’s processor, clocking in at 2.05 GHz, ensures that users can multitask without experiencing any lag or delay.
  4. With an average battery life of 15 hours, users can use the tablet for extended periods without  
  5. The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus Tablet comes equipped with the latest Android 11 operating system 



Brand Lenovo
Series Tab P11 Plus
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Screen Size 11 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2000 x 1200

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4) Dragon Touch Android Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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Dragon Touch Android Tablet’s 2.5D curved screen appeals. This elegant style enhances colour and clarity. Immersive pictures improve work and play.

High-Performance Apps

Dragon Touch is fast. Powerful processors let it multitask and run demanding software. This tablet works well for productivity and entertainment.

Dragon Touch Notepad 102—Best Android Tablet

Dragon Touch Notepad 102 improves adult Android tablets with its various features. The tablet’s 10.1-inch vertical screen makes long use comfortable. Its 2-in-1 design makes switching between tablet and laptop modes easy. Android 10’s apps simplify life online.

Dragon Touch Notepad 102’s 2.5D curved screen reduces eye strain. This clever design eliminates eye strain for all-day comfort. This tablet prioritises wellness when working or watching TV.

Powerful Storage

For applications, documents, and media, the Dragon Touch Notepad 102 includes 32GB hard drive capacity and 3GB RAM. Never worry about digital collection space or risk. The tablet’s 1.6GHz processor speeds up tasks.

Mobile Battery

Dragon Touch Notepad 102’s 6-hour battery life is convenient. This ensures travel and outdoor productivity. Manage your hectic life with this tablet.

Simplicity and Connectivity

USB, USB Type C, and USB 2.0 hardware ports enable connecting the Dragon Touch Notepad 102 to other devices straightforward. Share data effortlessly. Its elegant silver stripes match any decor.

The Dragon Touch Android Tablet and Dragon Touch Notepad 102 are great choices for robust, flexible gadgets. These tablets are stylish, powerful, and versatile. Android tablets are limitless.

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Dragon Touch 10″ Android Tablet with Keyboard Case First Hand Review

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  1. The 2-in-1 versatile use as a tablet or laptop provides users with various options to use the device.
  2. GMS certified Android system with larger storage allows users to store a large number of apps, documents, and media files.
  3. The 2.5D curved screen reduces eye fatigue, making it suitable for extended use.
  4. The device has strong and powerful performance due to the 1.6GHz processor and 3GB of RAM memory.
  5. The tablet’s long battery life of 6 hours makes it ideal for outdoor use and on-the-go tasks.



Brand Dragon Touch
Series Notepad 102
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 10 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 800×1280 Pixels

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5) CWOWDEFU Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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Android 11-powered CWOWDEFU Tablet: Durable and Safe!


Kid-Friendly Power
Unrestricted Entertainment
Parental Controls Make Fun Last
Want a kid- and adult-friendly tablet? CWOWDEFU tablet! This Android 11 tablet provides a slick interface and family-friendly features.

Daily Power

The CWOWDEFU tablet’s 2GB RAM and 2.4 GHz processor simplify multitasking and navigation. It excels at casual gaming and work but not graphic-intensive games or video editing.

Kids’ Hands

Kid-friendly CWOWDEFU’s 7-inch tablet. Kids can easily hold and operate the tablet due to its size. Kids love its green colour.

Unrestricted Entertainment

The 32GB CWOWDEFU tablet stores kids’ favourite games, apps, and movies. The tablet’s storage entertains kids for hours.

Parental Controls Comfort

Parents prioritise online child safety. The COPPA-certified CWOWDEFU tablet helps you monitor and regulate your child’s content. Kids are safe online.

Durable Fun

Kids can use and abuse the CWOWDEFU tablet. Its sturdy design makes it a reliable travel companion for youngsters’ enjoyment and learning.

In conclusion, the CWOWDEFU tablet is a powerful, affordable everyday use device. Kids and adults love its performance, safety, storage, and longevity. CWOWDEFU tablet for family fun and learning!

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CWOWDEFU Kids Tablet Android 11 Tablet for Kids First Hand Review


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  1. The CWOWDEFU tablet has a memory storage capacity of 32 GB, which is enough space for all the games, apps 
  2. With a standing screen display size of 7 inches, the tablet is the perfect size for kids.
  3. The tablet runs on Android 11 and has parental controls that allow parents to monitor their child’s usage and ensure  
  4. The tablet is durable and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with children’s use.
  5. The 3000 mAh battery provides up to 6 hours of battery life,  



Series 7 inch Kids Tablet Green
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 7 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1024 x 600 Pixels

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6) YosaToo Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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The 32GB YosaToo tablet has kid-friendly games, apps, and movies. It fits! 2GB RAM boosts tablet performance.

Best Viewing

The 10-inch screen lets kids play, watch, and read. Kid-friendly tablets accommodate little hands. Kids can abuse the tablet’s drop-proof casing.

Android Connectivity

Android lets the YosaToo Touch Tablet run many educational and amusing Play Store apps. Your kid learns. Tablet Bluetooth connecting is simple.

Premium Parental Control

Parents cherish child safety. YosaToo Touch Tablet premium parental control solves this. This vital application lets you monitor your child’s tablet use, guaranteeing a secure, age-appropriate digital environment. Relax as your youngster studies with app control.

Many Ages

The YosaToo Touch Tablet is perfect for 3–14-year-olds. This tablet’s toddler learning apps and older kids’ games are a long-term investment in your child’s growth.

Dual-Camera Creativity

Kids love the dual-camera YosaToo Touch Tablet. Tablet cameras help users practise and record family experiences. Cameras allow family and friend video calls.

Touchscreen Friendly

All kids can use the YosaToo Tablet’s touch screen. Young digital natives can use its simple UI.

Worth and Cost

The YosaToo Touch Tablet’s qualities are worth the price. It’s great for parents seeking an inexpensive but high-quality tablet for their kids.

Parents wanting a reliable, feature-packed tablet for their kids may consider the YosaToo Touch Tablet. Its enormous storage, smooth performance, parental controls, and user-friendly design make it the ideal entertainment and education device. The YosaToo Touch Tablet encourages creativity, curiosity, and digital progress in kids.

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Kids Tablet Android Tablet for Kids 10 inch with Case First Hand Review

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  1. The YosaToo Touch Tablet comes with a 10-inch screen size, providing ample space for kids to learn and play.
  2. The tablet has a drop-proof case, ensuring durability and making it suitable for rough use by kids.
  3. The YosaToo Touch Tablet has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage capacity, providing sufficient space for your child’s needs.
  4. The tablet comes with premium parental control, ensuring that the tablet is safe for kids to use.
  5. The YosaToo Touch Tablet is an awesome gift for kids, providing a wide age range for kids to use.



Brand YosaToo
Series Touch
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 10 Inches
Operating System Android

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7) Fusion5 Tablet

Best tablet for emulation

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The Fusion5 tablet has Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing and data transfer. This functionality simplifies tablet-to-device content sharing. The Fusion5 tablet can transfer data and play media on a larger screen.

Immersive HD IPS Display

Entertainment and multimedia fans will love the tablet’s HD IPS display’s clear and vibrant visuals. The Fusion5 tablet’s display is great for binge-watching and viewing photos.

Type-C Port Charges and Transfers Fast

Charging and data transfers are fast. Type-C charging and data transfer rates are available on the Fusion5 tablet. This makes it great for busy people who need their smartphones to keep up.

Powerful for Tough Tasks

The Fusion5 tablet runs smoothly with a 64-bit 2GHz CPU and a powerful Arm Mali-G52 MC1 graphics chip. This tablet is great for gaming and video editing. Stop lagging and start producing.

Into a Laptop with 2-in-1 Keyboard

The Fusion5 tablet’s 2-in-1 keyboard can easily turn it into a laptop. This function boosts productivity and efficiency, making it ideal for work.

Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 Tablet: Adults’ Game-Changer

Tablets are essential for leisure, employment, and education. Fusion5, recognised for its high-quality, cheap tablets, offers the Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 tablet, built for adults.

Spacious 10.1-Inch Screen

The Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 tablet’s large 10.1-inch screen makes movie viewing, surfing, and document editing pleasant. Clear and colourful pictures enhance your tablet experience with a 1280 x 800 pixel screen resolution.

Android 10 and 3GB RAM for optimal performance

The Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 tablet runs smoothly on Android 10 and has a 2 GHz processor. With 3GB of RAM, switching apps is easy.

32GB SSD Storage

The Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 tablet has 32GB SSD storage for all your files, documents, and media. This tablet has enough space.

The Fusion5 tablet series meets users’ different needs with quality and functionality. The Fusion5 tablet offers excellent connectivity, graphics, and performance. Use this device to boost productivity.

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Fusion5 10.1″ 2in1 Google Certified Android Laptop Tablet First Hand Review

Video Source: David Postle


  1. The Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 tablet comes with ample storage, which is essential for storing all your important files and documents. The tablet has 32GB of SSD storage, which is enough to store all your multimedia content.
  2. The tablet has a stronger docking mechanism that ensures it stays in place when in use. This is essential for people who use the tablet for work or education.
  3. The tablet has a vivid display, which provides excellent picture quality and makes it ideal for watching videos or browsing the internet.
  4. The Fusion5 104Ev2 2in1 tablet is designed to connect and go, which makes it easy to use on the go.
  5. The tablet comes with a dedicated card description, which makes it easy to use for people who need to use multiple cards.



Brand Fusion5
Series 104Ev2 2in1
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 10.1 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1280×800

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Best tablet for emulation 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Picking the right tablet for emulation in 2023 can be a challenge. There are so many models and features out there that it’s hard to figure which one is right for you! This complete buying guide is here to give you info about types of tablets, processor types, operating systems, and our top picks for the best tablet for emulation.

When shopping for a tablet for emulation, remember to consider your needs. Different models have different compatibility with various emulators and programs. And they may perform differently. So make sure the tablet meets all your requirements. Especially if playing classic games is your main goal.

In this guide, we’ll also show you what features to look for in a tablet for emulation. Think about

  • processor speeds
  • storage
  • battery life
  • 4K and HDR functionality

All these factors should be taken into account when finding the best tablet for you. Hopefully, this guide will make the buying process easier. So you can get the perfect tablet that meets your needs and then some!

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Overview of the topic

Emulation is the trend! To have a smooth gaming experience, you need a quality tablet with powerful hardware. But the many options can be confusing. This guide will help you find the right one for 2023.

We’ll talk specs like display size/resolution, processor speed, GPU performance, RAM capacity, storage space, and battery life. Plus, we’ll cover ports and extras like physical gamepads and built-in emulators. That way, you’ll choose the perfect tablet for playing classic console games in 2023!

Importance of choosing the right tablet for emulation

Tablet selection is key when you contemplate emulation. Your emulator’s performance and compatibility depend on the tablet you choose. Two main operating systems are available for tablets – iOS and Android – and comprehending the features of each one can help guarantee you pick the right one for emulation.

iOS and Android offer different kinds of user experience, applications, and accessories to meet your needs. Consider how much processing power you need; this could be crucial to determine which platform works best for you.

Android tablets tend to be more economical than Apple’s iPads, but come with fewer features. Graphics processing capabilities may also be lesser than an iPad. Hence, if gaming is important, an iPad is likely a better option.

When looking for a tablet for emulation, the following factors should be considered:

  • Battery life – iPads usually last longer, but are heavier and less portable. Android tablets can be lightweight, but battery life can vary depending on the model.
  • Storage capacity – will determine what applications and games you can install.
  • Connectivity features – like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth should be considered, depending on how often you require internet access while emulating or running emulators.

Key Factors to Consider

When buying a tablet for emulation, there are certain features to consider. Here’s an overview of what to look for:

  1. Processor type and speed – AMD CPUs are better than Intel ones, as they have higher clock speeds.
  2. Memory capacity – 4GB RAM is necessary, 8GB or 16GB if you’re running complex tasks.
  3. Display size and resolution – Look for 1080p and at least 10 inches of screen.
  4. Operating system compatibility – Check the OS is compatible with your programs.
  5. Battery life – 8 hours of use should be enough for gaming. Look for models with 20+ hours.
  6. Audio Capabilities – Stereo speakers for an immersive experience.
  7. Portability – If you don’t need it, get a larger model for better visuals.

Processor and RAM

When searching for a tablet for emulation, it’s important to think about its processor and RAM. Tablets have dual-core to 8-core processors. Go for the 8-core one for best performance. The RAM is key too. 4GB of RAM is suggested. But, 8GB or more is better. Also, look for tablets with expandable memory, so you can add extra storage without buying a new one.

Battery Life

Tablet batteries are super important. Get one with a battery life of 8+ hours! That way, you can play your favorite games longer. Some tablets have energy-saving features too. So, look out for those if you want your battery to last even longer!

Screen Size and Resolution

Tablets come in different sizes, depending on their use. If you want to game or watch films, get a bigger screen and a higher resolution than standard. The higher the resolution, the crisper the image.

Most tablets are between 7-12 inches, with 10-11 being the most popular. You can choose from portability or a larger screen for an immersive experience.

Resolution-wise, there’s a range from HD (720p) to WQXGA (2560 x 1600). And 4K options are becoming available for intense detail and vibrant colors.

III. Best Tablets for Emulation in 2023

When buying an emulation tablet, there are key elements to consider. Here are the top things to look for in 2023:

  • Processor: Get a multi-core processor with a fast clock speed & low power consumption. This will provide needed speed & stability for emulation software.
  • Memory: Pick one with at least 4GB RAM. This will ensure smooth play & reliable performance.
  • Storage: Choose a disk drive that supports SSD & HDD options. It should have enough space for data from emulation sessions.
  • Graphics card: Get GPU with both hyper threading & virtual memory support for maximum compatibility.
  • Display: Opt for HD displays with higher resolutions than previous generations. This will give an immersive gaming experience & reduce motion artefacts.

iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is the top pick for emulation gamers and coders in 2023. It’s designed for exceptional power and user experience. Its A12Z Bionic chip, 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU provide first-class performance in OpenGL games, emulations, and 2D platformers.

Plus, the 12.9″ Liquid Retina display offers a sharp 2160 x 1620 resolution with P3 wide color support. IPS technology ensures clear images from any angle. Perfect for split control console games like Street Fighter or Tekken 7.

It also has four speakers that automatically adjust sound levels. Advanced FaceID biometric security keeps your device safe. All in all, the iPad Pro has something for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a perfect pick for those looking for an all-purpose tablet. It has an 11-inch Super AMOLED display with 2560×1600 resolution, so you’ll get clear visuals when playing retro titles. Inside, it runs on a Snapdragon 865 Processor, 8 GB RAM, and can store up to 512GB. Android 10 OS is also included. Plus, it has a fully adjustable stylus and four speakers for gaming and TV watching. Fast charging is available and the battery life can last up to 10 hours.

With its specs, the tab can handle emulation without any problems. SNES, PS1, Gameboy Advance and more – all will run smoothly. It also offers several foldable modes to keep your hands comfortable. Lastly, it comes pre-loaded with games and streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, so you won’t be bored!

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is an ideal tablet for emulators. It has a 12.3-inch screen, Intel Core i7 processor, 512GB SSD storage and 16GB RAM. It also supports a stylus pen and Windows apps.

The battery life is great – up to 13 hours on a single charge. It has four different ports – two USB-C ports, one microSD card slot and one headphone jack. Plus, it has built-in speakers for good audio performance.

The tablet is pricey, but worth it for emulation. Get your gaming session going with the Microsoft Surface Pro!

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2023 is a year of advanced tablet options! When picking the best one for emulation, budget, ports, RAM, storage, display quality, durability, and battery life should all be taken into account. Make sure you choose one that will serve your needs now, and in the future.

Read customer reviews to get an idea of what the tablet can do. Also, look into warranties and service plans to cover any potential issues. Doing your research ahead of time will guarantee you a great gaming experience for years to come!


Do you need 64GB RAM for 4K editing?

 It depends on the complexity of your projects and the software you’re using. Generally, 16GB of RAM is sufficient for 4K editing, but having more, like 64GB, can improve performance and allow you to work with larger projects.

Is 8GB RAM enough for 4K editing? 

8GB of RAM can be sufficient for 4K editing, but you may experience some performance issues and limitations with larger projects and multiple applications running.

Which is the No 1 tab in the world?

 The ranking of the best tablet in the world changes frequently and is subjective. As of my knowledge cut off (2021), popular options include the iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface.

Which is the fastest tab? 

The fastest tablet changes often, as new models are constantly being released with improved specifications. As of my knowledge cut off (2021), some of the fastest tablets include the iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+.

Which is the No 1 tablet brand? 

The ranking of the best tablet brand is subjective and can change frequently. As of my knowledge cut off (2021), popular options include Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

How much RAM is good for gaming on a tablet? 

For gaming on a tablet, 4GB of RAM is the minimum recommended, but 8GB or more is ideal.

Is a phone or tablet better for gaming?

 It depends on personal preference and the specific games you want to play. Tablets typically have larger screens and more powerful hardware, making them better for more demanding games. Phones are more portable and convenient, but may not have the same performance capabilities as a tablet.

How much RAM does a tablet need for gaming?

 For gaming on a tablet, 4GB of RAM is the minimum recommended, but 8GB or more is ideal.

Which device is best for android emulator?

 A desktop or laptop computer with a powerful processor and enough memory is usually the best device for running an Android emulator.

Can you run Arduino on a tablet? 

Yes, you can run Arduino on a tablet, but you will need to install the appropriate software and use a compatible USB OTG cable connect the tablet to an Arduino board.


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