Best tablet for procreate 2023

Stumped on which tablet to buy for Procreate in 2023? No need to worry. We provide the info and the freshest guide on the best tablet for Procreate. Both pros and amateurs can find assistance with our guide to make the right choice. So get ready to unleash your creativity! Our guide has got you covered!

Best tablet for procreate 2023

  1. HUION 13 Tablet (Editor’s Pick)
  2. UGEE Drawing Tablet (Best Overall)
  3. HUION KAMVAS Tablet (Budget Friendly)
  4. HUION 13 Drawing Tablet 
  5. SPBMY Digital Tablet
  6. HUION 12 Drawing Tablet 
  7. UGEE M708 Tablet

1) HUION 13 Tablet

Best tablet for procreate

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Design and art require speed. The HUION 13 Tablet has 8 customisable hot buttons to quickly access your favourite tools. Customization saves time and boosts efficiency, letting you focus on creativity.

Creative Setup

Remove tedious setup and installation. The HUION 13 Tablet’s cable connection lets you start creating immediately. The simple setup lets you focus on ideas rather than details.

Eye strain? No Problem!

Long hours of artistic discovery should never cause eye strain or exhaustion. Anti-glare matte layer of the HUION 13 Tablet reduces eye strain and lets you work for long periods without pain. This implies uninterrupted creative sessions and realising your artistic goals.

Best Versatility

The versatile HUION 13 Tablet serves artists and designers across software and operating systems. This tablet interacts with Windows or MacOS, making it easy to use.

Be Creative

The HUION 13 Tablet is a powerful tool for artists and designers, not merely a digital canvas. Its 8192 pressure levels give you unmatched stroke control, while its customised hot keys speed up your production.

The cable connection is simple, and the anti-glare matte layer lets you create without distractions. This tablet helps you unleash your creativity with unrivalled software and operating system compatibility.

The HUION 13 Tablet is the perfect tool for artists and designers. With this remarkable instrument, expand your artistic horizons and unleash your creative potential. The HUION 13 Tablet lets your creativity run wild.

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HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Drawing Tablet First Hand Review

Video Source:Lucas Peinador


  1. Lightweight: At just 2.16 pounds, the HUION 13 Tablet is easy to carry around 
  2. Full Lamination Screen: The HUION 13 Tablet features a full lamination screen 
  3. Easy Cable Connection: With both USB and HDMI connectivity options,  
  4. Advanced Pen Technology: The HUION 13 Tablet features advanced pen technology 
  5. Optimized Workflow: The HUION 13 Tablet is designed to help artists and designers optimize their workflow.  



Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
Special Feature 8 Programmable Press Keys
Product Dimensions 14.43 x 8.56 x 0.46 inches
Item Weight 2.16 pounds

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2) UGEE Drawing Tablet

Best tablet for procreate

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The UGEE drawing tablet revolutionises fine line drawing with 8192 pressure sensitivity. This great ability lets you effortlessly change stroke thickness and opacity, giving your art fresh vitality.

Large 10-by-6-Inch Creative Space

UGEE drawing tablet believes creativity is infinite. Its 10×6-inch active area lets you be creative. Unleash your creativity on the digital canvas.

Easy Access: 8 Keys

The UGEE sketching tablet’s 8 shortcut keys speed up artists. Access frequently used functions at your fingertips to streamline your creative process and focus on your imagination.

Cross-System Flexibility

UGEE sketching tablet transcends limitations. Cross-platform artists will love it. This tablet enhances creativity on Windows, macOS, and other systems.

Multi-Scene Creativity

UGEE sketching tablet is limitless. Powerful multi-scene programme. This tablet can suit your artistic demands in the studio, on the go, and with other artists.

Dependable and Simple

UGEE values creative fun. The robust, easy-to-use UGEE drawing tablet lets you create uninterrupted. Focus on your passion while the tablet handles technicalities.

Draw using Ugee Tablet

UGEE’s sleek and powerful Ugee Drawing Tablet elevates all artists. Sketch comfortably for extended periods with its 14.09 x 8.28 x 0.32-inch dimensions and 2.35-pound weight.

8192 Passive Stylus Technology Allows Accuracy

8192 Passive Stylus Technology improves Ugee Drawing Tablet accuracy. Apply your artistic ideas with precision and speed.

Software Compatibility

Ugee Drawing Tablet works well with numerous system softwares. This tablet helps Windows, macOS, and other OS users create.

User-Friendly Workflow

Ergonomic UI and shortcuts enhance creative production on the Ugee Drawing Tablet. Travel creatively without hassle.

Great Setup and Service

The Ugee Drawing Tablet’s simple setup lets you draw immediately. The organisation has great customer service.

Unleash Creativity

All artists can unleash their creativity with the Ugee Drawing Tablet. Digitally realise your artistic goals with this reliable and simple technology. Create masterpieces with the UGEE drawing tablet.

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Graphics Drawing Tablet, UGEE M708 10 x 6 inch Large Drawing Tablet with 8 Hot Keys First Hand Review

Video Source:Monitor Comics


  1. Large active drawing space provides ample room for artistic expression.
  2. 8192 passive stylus technology offers highly accurate and responsive drawing.
  3. Compatibility with multiple system softwares makes it a versatile tool for artists.
  4. Ergonomically designed shortcuts allow for a smooth and efficient workflow.
  5. Easy-to-set-up design and best customer service ensure a hassle-free experience.



Brand UGEE
Connectivity Technology USB
Operating System Windows 7 & above
Special Feature Stylus
Product Dimensions 14.09 x 8.28 x 0.32 inches

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Best tablet for procreate

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The 15.6-inch screen of the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 lets you express your ideas. This tablet makes sketching, painting, and editing images enjoyable. The adjustable stand helps you find the right drawing angle, eliminating wrist strain during long sessions.

6-Express Key Access

The tablet’s 6 express keys boost productivity. These customisable keys simplify your creative process by providing easy access to frequently used functions. Express keys provide critical tools without menus.

Pen PW507 for Easy Drawing and Sketching

The precise, sensitive pen PW507 on the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 simulates drawing on paper. The pen’s accuracy and sensitivity let you easily draw detailed details, improving your artwork. Drawing on the digital canvas is easy with the pen.

Anti-Glare for Better Visibility

The tablet’s anti-glare technology lets you work in any lighting. This eliminates screen reflections, reducing eye strain and ensuring sight in bright conditions. You may now focus on your craft without interruptions.

Portable Creativity

The HUION KAMVAS Pro 16’s mobility is a game-changer for mobile artists and designers. The 2.98-pound tablet lets you work on creative projects anywhere. Your creative studio follows you to coffee shops, parks, and trains.

Compatible with Top Software

Use your favourite software. Popular picture editing software works well with the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16. Use your favourite tools to integrate your creative workflow and realise your ideas.

Huion’s Knowledge

Huion Animation Technology LTD, a digital drawing tablet leader, makes the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16. The Kamvas Pro 16 meets the needs of professional artists and creators thanks to their experience and creativity.

Create using Kamvas Pro 16

In conclusion, the powerful and adaptable HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 drawing tablet expands your creativity. Artists and designers love its huge display, comfy stand, responsive pen, and software compatibility. Use Huion’s Kamvas Pro 16 drawing tablet to improve your art. With this amazing tool, unleash your creativity!

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HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet First Hand Review

Video Source:Brad Colbow


  1. Large drawing area of 17.24 x 9.88 inches
  2. Lightweight design weighing only 2.98 pounds
  3. USB connectivity technology for fast and reliable data transfer
  4. Kamvas Pro 16 model name and item model number for easy identification
  5. High-quality manufacturing by a leading brand in the digital drawing tablet industry



Connectivity Technology USB
Operating System Linux(Ubuntu)
Special Feature Anti-Glare Glass
Product Dimensions 17.24 x 9.88 x 0.47 inches

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4) HUION 13 Drawing Tablet

Best tablet for procreate

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The HUION 13 Drawing Tablet simulates sketching on paper with ease. Full Lamination Technology minimises the gap between the glass and the screen for a natural feel and precise strokes. This tablet’s smoothness and responsiveness will astonish you with each stroke.

Vibrant Colours for Creative Expression

HUION 13’s colour fidelity brings your artwork to life. This tablet has 120% sRGB, guaranteeing that your works are vibrant and accurate. The HUION 13 helps artists and graphic designers see their work as intended, unlike standard tablets.

Intuitive Capacitive Pressure Control

Capacitive pressure gives the HUION 13 Drawing Tablet precision. This precise and responsive technology lets you easily change line thickness and intensity. Your strokes will reflect your artistic creativity as you apply pressure, giving you complete control over your digital canvas.

Anti-Glare Screen

Drawing might strain your eyes. The HUION 13’s anti-glare film eliminates eye strain and makes long-term work comfortable. This protective layer reduces glare and improves clarity, letting you concentrate on your creation.

Size and Portability

The HUION 13 Drawing Tablet was cleverly designed for mobile artists. This tablet is portable with 14.4 x 8.5 x 0.47 inches and 2 pounds. This lightweight companion will accompany you to your favourite café or on a creative adventure, ready to realise your creativity.

A Technological Wonder

Artists and graphic designers want a tablet with cutting-edge technology and inventive design. HUION 13 Drawing Tablet delivers. Full Lamination Technology enhances drawing precision and realism. Premium Pen Technology makes strokes feel natural and intuitive.

Creative Android Compatibility

Creativity should be limitless like artistic inspiration. The Android-compatible HUION 13 lets you explore and create anywhere. This tablet lets you connect and create on your Android device while sketching in the city or in nature.

Quick Setup for Creativity

Inspiration is time-sensitive. The HUION 13 Drawing Tablet’s cable connection simplifies setup. Unleash your creativity and realise your visions without delay.


Finally, the HUION 13 Drawing Tablet revolutionises art and design. Full Lamination Technology, rich colour representation, and capacitive pressure enhance digital artwork. This tablet meets your mobile creative demands with Android compatibility and easy setup. The HUION 13 Drawing Tablet unlocks your artistic potential.

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HUION KAMVAS 13 Drawing Tablet with Screen First Hand Review

Video Source:SashaKawaiiCat


  1. The compact size of the Huion 13 Drawing Tablet makes it easy to carry around.
  2. The Full Lamination Technology offers a better visual experience for artists.
  3. The Premium Pen Technology provides a natural and accurate drawing experience.
  4. The tablet is compatible with Android devices, which makes it easy to work on the go.
  5. The easy cable connection simplifies the setup process and allows you to start drawing right away.



Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
Operating System Android (USB3.1 DP1.2)
Special Feature Mobile Friendly,
Product Dimensions 14.4 x 8.5 x 0.47 inches

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5) SPBMY Digital Tablet

Best tablet for procreate

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With its smooth sketching, the SPBMY Digital Tablet is unmatched. Enjoy hours of continuous creativity without lags or interruptions. Artists dream of this tablet’s efficiency and easiness.

Superior Durability and Materials

SPBMY values quality. This tablet’s high-quality components ensure its durability. This tablet is durable and worth the cost for artists and designers.

Palm Rejection Glove Improves Drawing

Accidental touch inputs might make digital tablet drawing difficult. SPBMY Digital Tablet’s 2x palm rejection glove helps. This feature prevents accidental touches on the screen, letting you focus on your creativity.

SPBMY: Trusted Brand

With the SPBMY Digital Tablet, SPBMY has again exceeded itself. This tablet is carefully created for digital artists and designers by a renowned brand.

Portability redefined

No more heavy art supplies. The ultrathin SPBMY Digital Tablet redefines portability. This tablet fits into any bag or handbag, letting you create art on the go.

Wireless Display, Seamless Connectivity

Its seamless compatibility makes connecting the SPBMY Digital Tablet to your iPad easy. Wireless freedom replaces tangled cords. It makes drawing easier and more flexible.

For Artists

The SPBMY Digital Tablet enhances digital drawing for artists. The palm rejection drawing glove reduces friction and makes long sketching sessions comfortable.

Anti-Glare Screen for Best Viewing

The tablet’s anti-glare screen enhances viewing. Clear and immersive sketching environments replace annoying reflections. This function lets you concentrate on your painting, boosting your creativity.

Easy to Carry

The SPBMY Digital Tablet’s 0.353-ounce weight is appealing. You can produce art comfortably without big equipment. Performers will love this lightweight design.

Finally, the SPBMY Digital Tablet is a game-changer for digital artists and designers seeking precision, durability, and portability. This tablet lets artists unleash their creativity with its superior features and construction. The SPBMY Digital Tablet can help you achieve your digital art goals.

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SPBMY Digital Drawing Glove 2 Pack First Hand Review

Video Source:Let’s Draw with BeeJayDeL


  1. The SPBMY Digital Tablet comes with an ultrathin design, making it highly portable and easy to carry.
  2. The tablet is compatible with iPad and offers wireless connectivity, adding to the convenience of the users.
  3. The tablet is specifically designed for painting, and it comes with a palm rejection drawing glove to ensure a smooth and comfortable drawing experience.
  4. The SPBMY Digital Tablet is made of high-quality materials, offering excellent stability and durability.
  5. The tablet package includes a glove, which is perfect for artists who tend to rest their hand on the tablet while drawing.



Connectivity technologies IPad
Special Feature Ultrathin
Specific Uses For Product Painting
Whats in the box Glove

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6) HUION 12 Drawing Tablet

Best tablet for procreate

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The HUION 12 Drawing Tablet speeds up your creative process with USB-C connectivity. This tablet lets you create natural-looking line weights and shading effects with 8192 pressure and tilt levels. The HUION 12 Drawing Tablet is a top-notch drawing tablet with a stunning design and unmatched capabilities.

Huion 12 Drawing Tablet Transforms Digital Art

Digital Art with Huion 12 Drawing Tablet

With the introduction of new tools for artists, digital art has grown rapidly. Digital artists and designers choose the Huion 12 Drawing Tablet among these innovative tools. The Huion 12 Drawing Tablet is a wonderful tool for digital artists of all levels, thanks to its many high-quality features and unique design.

Compact, Endless Creativity

Huion 12 Drawing Tablet Perfect Dimensions

The 13 x 7.8 x 0.47-inch Huion 12 Drawing Tablet is portable. This design allows artists to take their ideas everywhere. Carrying the 1.62-pound Huion 12 Drawing Tablet is easy. This little sketching tablet has several capabilities that digital artists need to create their best work.

Unlimited Connectivity

Huion 12 Drawing Tablet Connectivity

The Huion 12 Drawing Tablet connects to computers and laptops through USB and HDMI. This compatibility includes Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. The model name “Kamvas 12 Orange” and product model number GS1161-Orange ensure that purchasers are getting the right goods.

Plug-and-Play USB-C

USB-C’s Power

Huion 12 Drawing Tablet’s USB-C functionality is remarkable. You may easily connect the tablet to your laptop or PC with a USB-C connector. This tablet is made by Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology LTD., known for making durable digital drawing tablets. Artists and designers who want a top-notch digital drawing experience should buy the Huion 12 Drawing Tablet.

HUION 12 Drawing Tablet: Express Yourself

The HUION 12 Drawing Tablet lets artists and designers unleash their creativity. This tablet is a must-have for anyone trying to create enduring art due to its unrivalled features and performance. The HUION 12 Drawing Tablet lets you unleash your ideas with digital art.

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HUION KAMVAS 12 Drawing Tablet First Hand Review

Video Source:Teoh Yi Chie


  1. The Huion 12 Drawing Tablet is highly portable due to its small size and light weight.
  2. The tablet is compatible with both USB and HDMI connectivity technologies.
  3. The tablet supports USBC, allowing you to connect it to your laptop or computer using a single USB-C cable.
  4. The tablet’s manufacturer, Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology LTD., is known for creating high-quality digital drawing tablets.
  5. The Huion 12 Drawing Tablet’s model name is Kamvas 12 Orange, making it easy to identify.



Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
Special Feature Mobile Friendly
Product Dimensions 13 x 7.8 x 0.47 inches
Item Weight 1.62 pounds

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7) UGEE M708 Tablet

Best tablet for procreate

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This adaptable and efficient drawing tablet uses cutting-edge creation sketch technology to make putting your creative ideas on digital canvas easy and natural. Let’s explore the UGEE M708 Tablet’s outstanding characteristics that make it a top choice for precision and control artists.

1. 8192 Pressure Sensitivity for Unmatched Precision

UGEE M708 Tablet’s 8192 pressure sensitivity lets you explore detailed art. This revolutionary function lets you easily add tiny details and modify line thickness based on pressure. You can bring your creations to life with amazing accuracy.

2. 266PRS Lightning-Fast Response

The UGEE M708 Tablet knows creativity requires speed. The tablet’s 266PRS technology ensures instantaneous stroke and gesture capture. This fluid drawing experience lets you concentrate on your creation without delays.

3. Seamless Workflow Compatibility

The UGEE M708 Tablet fits smoothly into your creative workflow. The tablet connects easily to Mac OS 10.10, Windows, Chrome, Mac, and Android devices. This tablet makes creative work easy on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

4. Battery-Free Comfort

Battery failure during inspiration can be devastating. The battery-free UGEE M708 Tablet lets you create without interruption. Focus on your creative without worrying about battery loss with this tablet’s reliable performance.

5. Design/Portability

UGEE M708 Tablet combines form and function. Its sleek black style adds sophistication to any creative office. The tablet’s 14.92 x 9.17 x 1.97-inch size and 1.45-pound weight make it portable. Take your artistic inspiration with you, whether you’re at home or travelling.

6. Workspace and Tilt Control

Artists need creative space, and the UGEE M708 Tablet provides that. Its spacious workspace lets your creativity flow. The tilt control system also allows for a variety of brush strokes and effects. Adjust the stylus angle to match your artistic style and easily reach your creative goals.


The UGEE M708 Tablet revolutionises digital art with precision, power, and seamless compatibility. 8192 pressure sensitivity and 266PRS technology let you express yourself. The large working space, tilt control mechanism, and battery-free convenience allow you to create your artistic ideas without interruption. The UGEE M708 Tablet is great for artists and graphic designers who want innovation and usability.

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Drawing Tablet UGEE M708 V2 10×6 Inch First Hand Review

Video Source:Monitor Comics


  1. Large working area (14.92 x 9.17 inches)
  2. Innovative tilt control system for greater flexibility
  3. Compatible with multiple operating systems (Windows, Chrome, Mac, and Android)
  4. Lightweight and highly portable (1.45 pounds)
  5. Offers a papery drawing experience for a natural feel




Brand UGEE
Connectivity Technology USB
Special Feature Stylus
Color Black
Product Dimensions 14.92 x 9.17 x 1.97 inches

Check Latest Price

Best tablet for procreate 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Are you an artist, designer, or illustrator looking for a tablet? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll help you find the perfect tablet for your needs. We’ll look at the important factors:

  • Size
  • Display resolution
  • RAM memory
  • Specs like battery life and portability

Plus, our top picks of tablets in 2023 that will make Procreate editing easier, better and more enjoyable. Ready to start shopping? Let’s go!

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Definition of Procreate and its popularity

Procreate is a raster editor made for iPad. It works with Apple Pencil and has been available since 2011. It’s a well-liked tool among pros, hobbyists, illustrators and designers. It has various brushes and effects to craft artworks like digital paintings, animations, sketches and comics.

The main features are a brush engine which transforms Apple Pencil into a drawing tool. It can mimic traditional tools like watercolors, felt pens and acrylics. Canvas menu lets you resize or change its orientation. You can also create unlimited layers, use alpha locking to design shapes easily and non-destructive transforms for scaling artwork without losing color. Plus, preview function, customizable gestures and other features.

Procreate is popular with digital artists all over. It’s one of the must-have apps for any iPad user. To make the most of it, select the right tablet. This guide covers all the aspects to consider when choosing the right tablet for Procreate 2023:

Importance of finding the right tablet for Procreate

When it comes to finding the right tool for Procreate projects, there are several elements to ponder over. Not only must you pick the best tablet for your needs, but also one that fits best in your workflow and offers optimal performance. Here are the main points to consider when selecting a device for Procreate tasks:

  • Power and Performance: A quality tablet should have enough power to manage Procreate projects with no lag time. High-end tablets will possess more powerful processors and graphics cards for faster results when doing complex drawings or illustrations.
  • Screen Quality and Pen Responsiveness: An essential part of creating art with Procreate is having an accurate representation of what you’re doing on screen, as well as a responsive pen that won’t leave gaps. Quality tablets come with high DPI monitors, providing vibrant colors and crystal clear resolution. The pen should feel natural in use for optimum creativity.
  • Battery Life: Creatives often lose track of time while working on projects, so it is essential that their device has long battery life. Look for tablets that promise 8 hours or more battery life on a single charge for non-stop workflows throughout projects.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Tablet for Procreate

When searching for the perfect tablet for Procreate, there are a few factors to consider. Let’s explore the main features and components to think about before buying:

  • Display: It’s essential to consider the display size and resolution. Look for models with IPS LCD or OLED displays and Full HD (1920x1080px) resolution. This will enable you to produce precise designs with clear details and accurate colors.
  • Graphics: Get tablets with at least 8GB RAM and an internal graphics card that can render high-resolution art. A dedicated GPU is beneficial if you plan to use demanding applications like 3D modeling, video editing, or game development.
  • Storage Space: Make sure your tablet has enough storage space. Most have 16GB to 512GB capacity, but some have higher. Also look into portable storage solutions for access to saved projects on the go.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is important too. Opt for one with a minimum of 7-10 hours of battery life so you don’t have to worry about it running out halfway through a design.

Display size and resolution

Display size and resolution are key considerations when selecting a tablet for Procreate. A big display offers more space to draw, while higher pixel density results in sharper details and colors. Refresh rate is important too; the higher the rate, the smoother the animation.

Most tablets have a full HD (1920×1080) or 4K (3840×2160) resolution – perfect for artwork. The 12-inch tablets can even have 5k or 6k displays! Bigger displays mean bigger sizes and heavier weights. So, if portability is your priority, opt for a smaller model with slightly lower specs.

Refresh rate is also important; a minimum of 120Hz is needed for Procreate. If you need ultimate performance, go for a 240Hz model – smoother experiences guaranteed!

Pressure sensitivity and accuracy

Pressure sensitivity and accuracy are key things to consider when you buy a tablet for Procreate. Pressure is about the pen’s sensitivity when you draw. It lets you make fine distinctions and create delicate brushwork.

Accuracy is how precise the stylus is when making art on Procreate. Look for pen latency, tilt, CPI ratings and DPI capabilities for accuracy.

Higher performance for pressure and accuracy give you more control over quality and flexibility. Check for user-friendly features such as eraser buttons or side buttons that are easy to reach while creating art.

Performance and processing power

Tablets designed for art, like Procreate, can help you reach your full creative potential. Features like brush control and detailed shading are important. The performance of a tablet depends on the hardware: RAM, CPU and chipset.

  • RAM helps multitasking and layering. 4GB or more is recommended.
  • The CPU affects how quickly programs run. Look for Intel or AMD processors, especially quad core.
  • The chipset makes things run smoother. Intel Atom x5Z provides better performance.

III. Top Tablets for Procreate in 2023

Procreate is a powerful digital painting app. It needs a capable device for optimal performance. In 2023, we’ll look at some of the best tablets for Procreate. The specs may differ, but these tablets share similar characteristics.

The iPad Pro (2022 or later) is Apple’s flagship tablet. It offers great performance and features. It has an A14X Bionic chipset with up to 8GB RAM and 2TB storage. Plus, its 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display has P3-wide color gamut certification. It’s perfect for accurate artwork in Procreate.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has an 11th Gen Intel i5 or i7 processor with 8GB RAM. It’s enough for 3D design work, video editing and art production in Procreate. It’s compatible with more than just Windows OS, which helps portability.

Samsung’s Tab S7 is perfect for professional art creation and editing with Procreate. It has a Snapdragon 865+ CPU with 5G speeds. The 12.4 inch OLED display has vivid colors even in dimly lit environments. It has 400 nit brightness output level and HDR10+ support – one of the brightest displays available.

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro has a brilliant blend of hardware, software and apps. It’s perfect for procreate users, who want to create on the go. On it, you’ll find an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, boosted performance with the new M1 chip, and up to 1TB of storage. Plus, its advanced sensors and enhanced cameras make finger-to-pen strokes on the canvas smooth.

Apple Pencil support boosts precision and versatility when using procreate’s brushes and tools. Get 4K HDR video with Dolby Vision or HDR10, ideal for editing immersive videos with apps like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Rush. And the iPad Pro can be used with any Bluetooth keyboard or trackpad, making it a great choice for creating art anywhere.

Wacom One

Wacom One is the ideal tool for Procreate 2023 creatives and hobbyists. Its 13-inch tablet has a 1920×1080 HD resolution. Plus, it’s ergonomic and comfortable to use. Connection is through Bluetooth or USB. It comes with two pen tips and 8,096 levels of pressure sensitivity for amazing control. Multi-touch support allows for use of four fingers at once. Lightweight for portability! Easy setup and friendly price point make this an all-in-one solution for creating digital artwork with Procreate 2023.

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Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro is the top choice for procreate in 2023. It has an 8th Gen Intel Core processor, making it super fast. A full-size USB port and a mini-DisplayPort provide quick connection to other equipment. It is also compatible with a range of pen accessories, like the Microsoft Arc Mouse. This helps reduce wrist pressure when sketching or drawing.

Its 12.3 inch PixelSense Display offers amazing clarity and detail for those with high resolution demands. Plus, its light weight and slim design help reduce arm fatigue – great for long work days!


In the end, picking a tablet for Procreate can be hard. There are lots of things to think about! Performance, portability, display type, screen size – these are vital. Confirm the device works with Procreate too.

If you’re on a budget, an entry-level tablet that still runs okay is a good option. But if the best is what you need, the iPad Pro might be worth it. Whatever you choose, consider the pros and cons before buying.


What iPad will come out in 2023?

It is currently unknown what iPad models will be released in 2023.

What is Apple releasing in 2023?

It is currently unknown what products Apple will release in 2023.

What is the biggest iPad 2023?

It is currently unknown what the biggest iPad will be in 2023.

What is the minimum iPad for Procreate?

According to Procreate’s website, the minimum requirement for Procreate is an iPad Air 2 or newer.

What is better than Procreate?

It depends on individual preferences and needs. Some alternatives to Procreate include Adobe Fresco, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Clip Studio Paint.

Is Procreate free on iPad in India?

No, Procreate is a paid app and can be purchased from the App Store for ₹620 in India.

How much RAM can Procreate use?

Procreate can use as much RAM as is available on your iPad.

Is 128GB enough for iPad Procreate?

128GB of storage may be sufficient for some users, but others may require more depending on their storage needs for Procreate and other apps.

Is iPad Air enough for Procreate?

Yes, the iPad Air meets the minimum requirements for using Procreate.

How much is Procreate for lifetime?

Procreate is a paid app that must be purchased once per device and is not sold as a lifetime license. The current cost is $9.99 in the US App Store.


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